Monday, January 31, 2011

Cupcakes, Cupcakes, Cupcakes!!

I'm loving trying new cupcakes and cupcake techniques and cupcake flavors!
Now that I have found an icing that I LOVE (Melts in your Mouth!!!), I need to find amazing cupcake flavors that compliment this amazing icing!

So here are my most recent tests..pretty good findings :)




After trying all 3 and having the hubby try all 3 I (we) decided that...
*Tiramisu needed more of a coffee flavor--just wasn't strong enough for me when I think about Tiramisu..
*Lemon needed more of a lemon flavor in the icing and a little less of the lemon curd in the center..the lemon taste was just too off-center for me..
*Snickerdoodle was PERFECT. For anyone that has had or loves snickerdoodle cookies...these were just like them! But with a creamy icing that just added to them! YUUMM!

Well- Tomorrow is a no-work day due to the horrible Ice Storm we are getting and Wednesday school was already canceled for a staff development day--so having 2 days off in a row means lots of baking for me!

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