Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Weekend Blur - April 1-3

I'm not ever sure where this weekend went! It's 7am on Monday morning, and luckily I have today off work :) One of my last 3 day weekends before wedding season kicks in.

Friday night, Brad and I went out to BroadRipple to check out Bazbeaux Pizza.
AMAZING. I was told it was the best pizza in Indy and now I would have to agree. The leftovers were ever amazing cold for breakfast on Saturday haha!

Saturday was my cleaning day-- I feel like an old lady but it was over due to scrub down the whole house..

My dad went down to Louisville for the trucking show, and he made a stop at our house on his way up north for the night (our room rates are pretty cheap!)
We were not only celebrating the Final Four basketball game-(Praying for a Butler Bulldogs win!!), but it was also my dad's birthday weekend! So we had some fun foods and a giant chocolate chip cookie with ice cream for dessert. So..


Sunday turned out to be amazing! It was 76 degrees here and SUNNY! Brad and I decided to finally finish the backyard project we started last year before our wedding..
We shoveled,raked,plowed,and planted grass seed!
No we wait.

What a weekend.  Thunderstorms have rolled in for today and it looks like it's going to be a great movie day:)

Gotta Love Days Off!!